WORLD POPULATION DAY – the world will regret

All you need to know about WORLD POPULATION DAY.

  • The world population day is celebrated on 11th of July.
  • The world population is the total number of humans currently living, and it was estimated to have reached 7.8 billion people as of March 2020. ( to see current world population – )
  • You will be surprised to know that it took over 200,000 years of human history for the World’s Population to reach 1 billion and only 200 years more to reach 7 billion. It took only 33 years to reach 8 billion from 5 billion.
  • Asia is the most populous continent with China and India together constituting 36% of the World’s Population.


  • India ranks 2nd in the world, just after China in terms of population index.
  • The current population of India is 1,380,307,868 as of Friday, July 2020 based on Worldometer Elaboration of the latest United Nations data, which is 17.7% of the total World Population.
  • 35% of the Indian population is urban.
  • Median age in India is 28.4 yrs.


  • Population Density in India is 325 persons per square km ( ppsk ). Amazingly where in delhi the figure is 9340 ppsk but in Arunachal Pradesh literally sounds like a no man’s land with 13 persons psk.

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It was established in 1989, by the Governing Council of United Nations Development Program. It was inspired by the Public interest in five billion day on 11th July, 1987, the approximate date on which the world’s population reached 5 billion people. (Imagine, in less than 35 years we are now approx 8 billion)

The importance of the WORLD POPULATION DAY is that it highlights the problems caused by over population, repercussions of overpopulation on Environment and development. It also talks about the health issues faced by the pregnant women and the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights.


The theme this year is based on protection and safeguarding the health and rights of women around the world especially during this Pandemic. A recent UNFPA research highlighted that if lockdown continues for 6 more months, then there will be a major downfall in the health sector, approximately 47 million women in low and middle class countries might not have access to contraceptives, which would lead to 7 million unintended pregnancies. Apart from that, during this period women are more prone to domestic violence, genital mutilation and child marriages.


  • Unemployment level increases.
  • The data shows the higher the fertility, lower the socio-economic background.
  • Fewer opportunities.
  • More the older population, less the development.
  • Increased risks of air borne infections.
  • More the population, more the exploitation of resources.
  • Rise in the cases of water borne diseases.
  • Increased risk of respiratory problems.
  • Increased risk of skin cancer
  • Undeveloped youth.
  • Severe economic loss
  • Low GDP

There are many more in the list. Growing population is a major problem and it is more stress full for India because studies confirms that around 2050 India will surpass China and will become the most populated country in the world. The scenario is crazy and intimidating.

What you guys can do that after reading this, you all can research about what measures our Government is taking to cope up with the population growth in our country and as individuals also think about what might be the solution of this.

That’s all for today guys, thank you and have a great day ahead.


Written by URJA RAI ‘OORJA’

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