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Do you too think a lot about WHAT IS LIFE during this ‘Lockdown.’ Hi, this is me ( read till end to unlock mystery ) for the very first time sharing my ‘Quarantine Thoughts’ with you through Neeroz.


Life has not been very kind lately. I had my own ups and downs, and I still have but that’s how life goes, doesn’t it? Like a lot of people,my life is chaos. I have always prayed and asked God for a lot of things; things on which I want to work upon or get better in my life, and one of those was TIME.

I always wondered that there are so many things to do, but because of shortage of time, I couldn’t do them. I hope people don’t judge me for this, but I have always wanted the world around me to stop, just for a while, so that I can breathe and sort out things in my life without gauging the repercussion of it.


I wanted it desperately but suddenly,the world came to a still. We all are aware of the situation around us of a pandemic right now, which is critical and because of it, everything has just stopped.

This makes me think,that we as humans beings give copious importance to materlistic things in life and we tend to ignore the things that really matter. Small things like the fact that I am breathing, I am with my family right now, I have food ( well I am a good cook too ), water and all the essential supplies.

what is life ? Sadhguru enlightens


For a change, instead of thinking about what we don’t have, let’s stop to consider about the people who are dying ,or those who have lost their loved ones, some people don’t have a roof over their head right now, some don’t have basic necessities.

I know some are away from their families and are facing it all alone, and the list goes on Moreover,I am no different guys, it’s just a moment of realization, that made me write this. It’s so heart-breaking and traumatizing to even think about what is life.


We need to remember that there are people working day and night, risking their lives for us ,Doctors ,policemen,security personnel, Front line health workers, all our Covid Warriors are out there for our very safety.The least we could do is respect them by staying indoors, unless it’s very important. Read more about life of Covid Warriors Click Here


what is life
life goes on

This is for mother Earth, and we are responsible for whatever is happening right now. Nature needs time to heal, so do we. Let’s bring a positive change in our lives by making the most of this time. Let’s do things which we wanted to do but always fell short on time, so this is the time for us to, paint, cook, dance, sing, meditate, study and work on our relationships. Isn’t that all what is life meant for.

Let’s be more kind to each other, and be more mindful about our environment.This time shall pass soon, till then let’s be in our homes. I wish everyone’s wellness and I pray for the people who are struggling out there, facing these tough times alone.

Let us all be responsible citizens, together, we will emerge stronger out of this situation also don’t forget to feed animals out on the streets.


Ending it for now with one of the best-loved what is life quotes of mine.  “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama

Hope you all liked the blog and we will catch up soon with something good.


written by – URJA RAI ‘OORJA’ urjarai123@gmail.com

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