PROVERBS IN ENGLISH – don’t miss these 10

Today we going to talk about the PROVERBS IN ENGLISH you would love to use in your daily life. These are the top 10 selected proverbs that have been selected on a scale that would delight you using those in your life and will leave your great impression on others. It will enrich your lifestyle as well as enrich your command over the English language. 


So here we begin

These 1st five proverbs will make you laugh on the conflictive situation and avoid your knockers. These 5 proverbs will help you to deal with anger.

1.      Moon doesn’t heed the barking dog. ( कुत्ता भौंके तो चन्द्रमा को क्या )

It means you are a person who really doesn’t care about your knocker and their criticism. This is a proverb you would glad to use.

2.Winter’s wind and women’s heart often changes. (सर्दी की हवा और स्त्री का दिल अक्सर बदलता रहता है )

This one is my most favorite proverb. Suppose you had a clash with your girlfriend or your wife or someone special from the female community whose absence can create a war in your head then this proverb can miracle in your life.

This proverb will force you to forget enchantingly what happened with you and her and will bring you both together to plant adorable moments in.

3.      Every dog barks in his own yard. ( हर कुत्ता अपनी गली में भोंकता है )

every person/animal is brave at his/her place or criteria.Outside the normal circumstances of that organism, the organism will not be able to perform.

For example, a person might take up a fight with someone when he is along with his friends. But he won’t take up a fight if his friends are not present with him.


 4.Every potter praises his own pot. ( सबको अपना मतलब ही प्रिय होता है )

Every shopkeeper says his product is good. No one is going to tell there is any dotage in his product. So now when you will go to buy something and then you find the shopkeeper faltering highly to sell his product you can shut his mouth using this proverb.  

5. Honey is not for ass’ mouth. (गधे को शहद नहीं खिलाया जाता )

a proverb saying that requesting will not make fools to understand or cooperate; gentle or good words will not make an unreasonable person calm or wise. Like in most countries police don’t ask criminals but torture them to get the information out.

Now next 5 proverbs will stay you motivated and positive in life.

6. Constant dropping wears the stones away. (रसरि आवत जात है, सिल पर पडत निशान )

You must have seen a place in your home where rainwater continuously falls from the top of your home and you find that it had made a hole in the place of your ground. The science behind this can will help you learn the life lesson from this to try until it makes the mark.


7. No rose without thorns. (कौन सुख जिसके पीछे दुःख नहीं )

If you want to see the rainbow you will have to deal with rain. This one is another quote which clears the meaning of this proverb. Recalling this proverb during life’s tough phases will help you to accept those hurdles of life and work for the desired result you want from life.

8. What’s done is done. (जो हो गया सो हो गया )

This proverb tells you that there is no use of crying over split milk. You are not gonna get that milk again. The wise one is who takes immediate action over that split milk to get something better than milk. Because, surely, you are never gonna get cheese crying over that split milk which is costlier than milk.


9. Many a pickle makes a mickle. (बूँद बूँद से घड़ा भरता है )

This proverb tells that even your scanty efforts can turn into a mountain of your success. No matter how scanty your efforts are. what matters is your effort because it is going to be your success one day.

So just keep trying, keep working because the day is not far away when you will be standing on top of the mountain of your success and hosting the flag of your victory there.

10. A good tongue is a good weapon. (कोयल काको देत है कागा काको लेत, तुलसी मीठे वचन ते जग अपनो कर लेत )

You must have heard those lines in Hindi “what crow gives and what cuckoo takes, Tulsi with sweet words wins the world.” So you don’t need to do anything else to get your work done by someone. You just have to speak politely and you will find that person is happily ready to get your work done. 

Thanks a billion for reading and showing your interest. 


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