KITE RUNNER – 1 beautiful tale of courage,love and sacrifice

We have never been in this circumstance before, and it’s difficult to cope with it and keep our calm. Today I will talk about one such book KITE RUNNER, the book that I truly loved and how it turned out to be my best friend.


This book tells the story of Amir, a young boy from the district of Kabul (Afghanistan) whose closest friend is Hassan. The story is a continuous backdrop of tumultuous events, from the fall of Afghanistan’s monarchy through the soviet military intervention, the exodus of refugees to Pakistan and United States and rise of Taliban regime.

It’s a magnificent tale of courage, guilt, love, devotion, sacrifice and redemption. There is a pivotal and equally disturbing scene of sexual assault that happens with Hassan, Amir being the soul witness of it, but couldn’t prevent it and this becomes the major source of guilt in his later life.

This book had been the best seller for 2 years at New York Times with over seven million copies sold. KHALED HOSSEINI calls his book a story of a Father-Son relationship.


I remember while I was reading Kite runner, I just couldn’t think of anything but only the book. Every time I closed it, I left a part of me in the page itself, and my keenness to know what happened next, always took me back to the book asap.

I completed it in a single night. I loved everything about the book, particularly the simplicity, and how organically it has been written, the phrases, names and now even the cover of the book.


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Out of all the writers I have read till now, the one that made me gaga for his amazing work is KHALED HOSSEINI, an Afghan-American writer. The writer of the best-selling novels such as The Kite runner, A Thousand splendid suns and The mountains Echoed.

His ‘The Khaled Hosseini Foundation’, Non-profit organisation provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. What do I say about him, he is adept in his field, undoubtedly finest in his writings.

Such intricate lessons and yet simple organic language. His books are a piece of fine arts, woven so well together that can make your heart skip, not once but countless times.


When you start reading THE KITE RUNNER, it pushes you to imagine every single incident and occurrence, it actually lets you explore and take you to the depth of the character, be it a protagonist or antagonist.

It’s more like a hidden treasure, you come closer to it as soon as you unfold the pages. A great novel makes you live the character, and that’s an attribute of a masterpiece, which can only be delivered by the master himself and for me it’s none other than Khaled Hosseini.


Why books are important ; Today in the era of Austen and Dickens, readers still need and even crave, Happy Endings. WHY? Because happy endings provide hope, instilling the belief that obstacles can be subjugated, love can last, fences can be mended and good can triumph.

We humans are truly the best creatures god has made in every sense. In the life time, we go through extreme agony both emotionally and physically, still somehow we overcome it.

We fight and always emerge out of it stronger. This book is a perfect example of what human-beings are capable of. I would really recommend everyone to read it once. I would end the blog with this unforgettable cord from Kite Runner.

“It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole life time”


This blog is written by URJA RAI ‘OORJA’

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