INSTANT KARMA – they got what they deserve !

“Karma” is not something new for us. It is an old saying that what goes around comes around. Mythology mentions that your soul will not be free until you are free from the cycle of Karma and that’s why you need to take several births. As per science, you may call it “reaction for an action”. In universe no action is perceived without a reaction.

Recently, “INSTANT KARMA” is taking over the frame, which precisely means that Karma hits back much earlier than it was thought to be. Now it does not need a longer period like next birth for a comeback. You may need to pay for the debt in this very life or in the next moment itself, who knows !

Well yes, everything works on proofs. Here I am presenting few real life examples by observing the world around that will surely catch your nerve for once.


A recent incident happened with a famous French NBA basketball player Rudy Gobert. He went for an interview after his match and was advised to maintain at least 10m distance keeping in mind the norms of social distancing due to pandemic.

He didn’t seem serious and took it lightly. He started touching mike, desks etc. Just after three days, he was tested positive for COVID-19 and was seen crying and telling everyone to take the pandemic seriously.
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It has not been for too long since humans are constantly trying to take over the planet. They killed animals and caged them and tried to evolve as a ruler of mother earth, but they forgot that they are merely a creation of this nature. A virus came and took over them. Lockdown made them stay in cages, setting the birds and animals free. INSTANT KARMA made a comeback in the worst way for us !


Besides these major incidents, almighty didn’t forebear to punish. Day to day life is also not spared. Recently, a video of an incident went viral. It was shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda where the CCTV captured INSTANT KARMA. A man walking on the sidewalk. As he continues to walk, a street dog appears in the frame. The man tries to hit the barking dog, however, he misses the shot but in doing so he loses his balance and falls to the ground.


I was lately viewing a website where teachers share their experiences with the children online. A teacher shared her story about a kid who was obnoxious and always did things to be the centre of attraction. One day they were required to staple papers. Everyone was given the stapler.

When his turn came, he started stapling it near his hands. When she saw, she tried to stop him and said “Hey, leave ! You will staple your hand” but the kid had a care free look. He responded “I do this all the time, I’ve never been stap… click”, she further tells, that was the loudest scream she heard from a child.


Few days ago, one of my friend shared that she was going with his father to eat “kebabs” at a restaurant just before the lockdown. While they were on the way both of them started singing and laughing. Out of nowhere some boys on the bike behind screamed “hamare saath bhi gaana ga lo kabhi!” and started giggling. Worried father sped up the bike to protect his daughter.

Roadside Romeos too accelerated but they failed to notice the beautiful red light and crashed into a BMW. To their surprise three men showed up. They came out of the car and were too audacious for them. They beat them up though they tried hard to escape. My friend was happy that INSTANT KARMA played its role at the right time.

So it’s already clear from these incidents; “INSTANT KARMA”, though hard to believe at first, is proven. Well it should not make you believe that it is always returned for the bad deeds. The good you do to others also comes back to you. I have read about a person who was a normal waiter. One day he found $20 near a window.

Instead of keeping it he returned it to the owner, later he was tipped exactly $20 by a customer at the restaurant. He was surprised at the instant reward! The purpose of presenting these examples of INSTANT KARMA is pretty simple that “you reap what you sow”, you are responsible for each and every action of yours and should be ready to face the consequences of it, so choose them precisely and wisely.

Will appear soon with the next blog. Keep reading.


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