First woman to climb Mount Everest from Madhya Pradesh – Bhawna Dehariya


You guys might have heard about the first woman to climb Mount Everest, but have you heard about the first woman to climb Mount Everest from Madhya Pradesh.

We all see dreams, dreams that don’t let us sleep, dreams about which we reminisce and smile but only few with utmost audacity dare to live it and rest only after accomplishing it.

In today’s blog we will talk about a Mountaineer who vanquished the world’s highest peak with her phenomenal self esteem and conviction and rested only after her dream of conquering Mount Everest came true.


How come a simple girl, belonging from a small village (Tamia) decided to trounce the great HIMALAYAS. For you to know that, let me take you to Tamia. Tamia is a small tehsil (a town ), in the Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh. It’s 80 kms from a well known tourist place Pachmarhi. Tamia is very much similar to Pachmarhi, serene and a salubrious place.


Since her school days, Bhawna was naturally inclined towards Sports. She even played National’s in Basketball and Cycle polo. In 2009, during an adventures Sports program, her life took a spin. Bhawna participated and outperformed in a Rock climbing competition, and that gave her dream a kick. Later she got to know about Mountaineering and she put her heart and mind into it.


bhawna dehariya - first woman to climb mount everest
credit – the pioneer

While pursuing her Bachelors in Physical education from Bhopal, she engaged herself in various daring ventures. This boosted her confidence and later she applied at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

It was difficult for her family to support her studies as well as her course and training simultaneously. Bhawna being the elder daughter was herself supporting her sibling’s education but…

It is said that dreams need fuel and to ignite that fuel one needs to possess a deep-seated desire to live that dream and to feel it with every single breathe. Bhawna had that in her, she never learned to gave up.

She knew that nothing can stop her, and that’s when the money she got by winning various competition acted as a fuel in her remarkable journey.

She pursued a basic program in Mountaineering and later did an advance course too. After successfully completing more than 6000 meters high Manirang Mountain and DKD Mountain, now she was more determined for Mount Everest but taking over the highest peak not only requires extreme hard work and rsolute mental stability but 28 lakh rupees too, which is impossible for a middle class family.


Bhawna’s extraordinary belief in her dream and strong will power never let her bow down in front of the circumstances. She made her profile and started searching for sponsorship. She went to a number of offices, met businessmen, politicians but couldn’t find help.

People laughed at her, made fun of her dreams as she was a female and from such a small place but her struggles and determination worked, then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Kamalnath approached her and helped her with the money for her dream to climb Mount Everest.

Her journey, which started from 6th April, had plethora of difficulties. In the last stage, even her life was at risk after the sudden detected fault in the oxygen cylinder but her faith in the almighty and belief in her dream made her go and finally on 22 may 2009 she was at the Highest peak in the World with the National flag ‘Tiranga’ waving and this way ‘this female’ from a ‘small place’ made herself and the country proud. She became the epitome of women empowerment and gave a voice to thousands of girls like her, who dare to dream.

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At last a quote from a famous novel ‘The Alchemist’

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up the eighth time”

Thanks and have a good day. Keep reading neeroz.

Translation – Oorja Rai

Original Post – Imroz Farhad

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