This movie is based in the life of Laxmi Agarwal, acid attack survivor, who was brutally attacked at the age of 16 after rebuffing the romantic advances of Naeem Khan (attacker). This movie features Deepika Padukone.


Laxmi was a simple girl like you and me with dreams in her eyes. She did no wrong to anybody and yet she was attacked. This movie gives you a slight hint of how inhuman people have become and how vicious their deeds are. This movie also gives you the insight of how painful attacks are and how much a victim goes through.

I don’t want to write much about the movie here, but I would suggest everyone to watch it once. One suggestion that I would like to give you that please analyze yourself after watching it, that where are we wrong as a society?


As seen in the case of Laxmi Agarwal :

1) The attacker used to harass her for a long time and she was suffering in silence because if she would have shared it with her parents, they might have stopped her from going to school, and she feared this the most.

2) To all the people who are reading this right now, question yourself, does your sister, friend or daughter feels comfortable sharing things with you and if not then why? High time, you got to talk.

3) Also after knowing that she is facing something similar, you need to stand by her side as a support.

 4) Please don’t stop her from living her life, instead come out as her safeguard, strength. Blaming her for anything like this, is the last thing one can do.

5) Please don’t blindly trust people around you. There are so many rapes, molestation, harassment that are done by the people close to you: friends, family that can be anybody girls. You have to take your own charge and if you ever ever come through anything like this, please speak up.

Tell anybody you trust, but don’t suffer because the same person can do that to any other girl too and I don’t think you would ever want that. Also because that guy/girl deserves punishment and not you. Keep this in your mind that it wasn’t your fault.

These simple little things can work miraculously and we can start to work at our levels to stop these crimes.



A beautiful initiative taken by ALOK DIXIT, to stop acid attacks. SHEROES is a cute little cafe, run by the acid attack survivors, they have their outlets in Agra and Lucknow.

They also have a beautiful corner for books, antiques, art and culture. SHEROES has been created with the intention to promote awareness, to support the survivors and to rebuild their self esteem.

credit – newindianexpress


We, sitting and reading cannot imagine the amount of agony the victim faces, number of surgeries they went through. Its beyond our imagination. I am not just talking about the physical pain, but the emotional and mental trauma after that is unthinkable. And I feel we are equally responsible for this, we as a society should look ourselves and question that How do we behave with them.

Instead of support and empathy they get blames, comments, social unacceptability. All they need is acceptance from us. Let’s be a part of their healing. That’s the minimum we can do for them.

I salute to the survivors for their immense strength. You guys are the exemplar of power and courage. More power to you. That’s all for today, here I am ending with a dialogue that eventually tells the story.

I remember this hard hitting dialogue from the movie “acid pehle man mein hota hai, fir haath mein.”


written by – URJA RAI ‘OORJA’

looking for ACID ATTACK PART 1 ? Here’s the link

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